Outfit (Seniors & Joyful Yellow)

Every last Thursday of the month at the Market Mall Pharmacy, which is where I work, we have what we call Seniors Day. This is when all the seniors come in for their 20% discount, and let me tell you, some senior citizens are no picnic. I wish I could really express how I feel when they come in and ask me to help them find Christmas cards for each and every one of their relatives. I'm sure everyone knows as well as I do that picking out the right card for someone can take more than just a few minutes. We offer both the Hallmark cards and those other ones that cost only a dollar. Just imagine my surprise when I have already spent 10 minutes searching for cards only to be told they are too expensive and would prefer the dollar ones. After another 10 minutes spent searching through the dollar ones, I am told they appear too cheap and would prefer the "cheapest" Hallmark ones. Oh joy! 

Last Seniors Day, my boss asked me to dress up wearing Artizan clothing to promote the collection, which we carry in our gift shop. Obviously I jumped at the chance of wearing anything other than our oh-so-boring-and-ugly navy blue uniform. I chose to wear this yellow Artizan scarf hoping it might help brighten my day since those seniors have a tendency of ruining my mood. The scarf worked like magic because all day long I received a bunch of compliments which kept me happy and smiling.