Outfit (Red Suede)

Looks like I got my wish! Spring is finally here! The snow practically disappeared overnight and I could not be any happier. I've been jumping around and doing my booty shaking happy dance all week!  It feels so good to feel the warmth of the sun on my skin again! 
I've spent the past week going through my wardrobe, replacing all of my winter stuff with summer stuff. When it comes to cleaning out my closet, and reorganizing, which I do every time the season changes, there's only one rule I like to follow. I came across this wonderful fashion tip in a magazine article a few years back and I've been following it ever since. It's really quite simple and actually makes alot of sense. If there is something in your closet that makes you feel negative in anyway, get rid of it. You should be able to grab anything from your closet already knowing it looks good, fits good and feels good. It definitely simplifies things when it comes to choosing my outfit for the day.

On to the outfit. On a recent shopping excursion with mum, I came across these red suede shoes which of course was love at first sight! As I made my way over to the cashier, she immediately pointed out the matching suede bag and although I did consider it, I said no due to the fact that I had already gone over my budget. That is until mum came around and convinced me that I absolutely needed it. Oh how easily persuaded I am when it comes to fashion. Eff! :)


Blazer ~ Ricki's. Blouse ~ Maurices.
 Leopard Jeans ~ Winners. Red Shoes ~ Payless (available here).
Red Purse ~ Payless (available here).

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