Outfit (Tuxedo + Houndstooth + Bright Pink)

Hello dear readers! I woke up this morning feeling disappointed as I looked out my window and up at the sky. Another gloomy overcast day awaited me and all I wanted to do was go back to bed. . .until I looked at the ground and noticed that the snow had practically disappeared overnight, thanks to all of the rain and mild weather we've had these last couple of days. Although I desperately long to see the sun, not having to shovel the driveway or remove the snow off of my car is definitely something to be happy about! 

On to some fashion talk. A true fashionista needs variety in her wardrobe, but I must admit, I'm the type of girl that prefers to wear dresses and skirts more often than not. It makes me feel feminine and pretty. 

I purchased this houndstooth skirt from Suzy Shier a few months ago and I've had lots of fun mixing it into my wardrobe.

White Tuxedo Jacket  ~ Forever 21 (available here).
Pink Blouse ~ Urban Planet.
Houndstooth Skirt ~ Suzy Shier.
Black Envelope Clutch  ~ Smart Set (available here).
Shoes ~ Suzy Shier

Chantal xo



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