Outfit (Re-worked, Re-Mixed & Layered)

There are times when I get extremely bored with my wardrobe and I'm sure many of you can relate to this. You know those days when you stare at your closet not knowing what to wear, or not wanting to wear anything you own?When you spend half an hour trying everything on and realize the only thing you've accomplished is turning your room (or closet) upside down?! When you crave something new and all you want to do is go on a shopping spree but your budget kinda gets in the way (like for example, when your New Year's resolution is to save money)? Sometimes re-working summer staples into your winter wardrobe is a perfect way to add some spice and make an outfit feel new! :) So get creative with your styling and have some fun! 

A sequin tank top (from my summer wardrobe) worn over a blouse. :)
Cardigan ~ Bootlegger (old) (available here in different colors)
White Blouse ~ H&M
Brody Jeans ~ Bootlegger (available here on sale)

Last week we had some really mild weather which was perfect for layering, so I added a fur vest to the mix. :)

I hope everyone is having a good week so far. I would love to know which summer staples you've re-worked into your winter wardrobe.

Chantal xo