Fashion Words of Wisdom

As I came across these words of wisdom from Michael Kors, I was instantly reminded of the importance of accessories and their role in achieving a well polished look. Not only do they complete an ensemble, they give you endless outfit possibilities. 

Trends are always changing, so when it comes to shoes and handbags, I have learned that it's much more wise and budget friendly (in the long run) to invest in classic timeless pieces that will take you through each season and remain with you through the years. Accessories like fashion jewellery, scarves and belts, on the other hand, are relatively inexpensive. Retailers offer an endless amount of affordable pieces which makes it easy to build your collection. What's important here is having a good eye. You want to choose items that will enhance your style and bring out your personality. Personally, when it comes to jewellery, my top favourite pieces are watches and statement rings. Occasionally, I like to add a bit of glam with a statement necklace but it really depends on the outfit, or the event. 

As Michael said, accessories are like an exclamation point. . . it's the little details that really make an outfit stand out, so be creative and have fun!