Outfit ( Leopard Flair)

Hello dear readers! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. If all of you are wondering where I've disappeared to these last two weeks, I was on holidays soaking up the sun at camp and then Mum and I had some visitors! I've spent the past week sharing my room with my 14 year old niece Veronica who, as it turns out, is exactly like me...MESSY! Between the two of us, you could barely see my bedroom floor with all of the clothes that were piled everywhere. At one point, I got up in the middle of the night and tripped over one of the piles on my way to the bathroom. I was already grumpy from having to get out of bed in the first place! My 11 year old nephew Cameron stayed with us as well. If I had to choose 5 words to describe my week with them, they would be : Frosters, movies, popcorn, wings and silliness. :)

Mum wanted to spoil them a bit since we hardly ever get to see them so we spent an afternoon at the mall. I realized that day that men can be just as picky when it comes to shopping. It took Cameron an hour just to pick out the right hat. Ha! This is the outfit I wore that day. I was in the mood for a black and white outfit, and the animal print was perfect for adding a bit of flair. I've gotten so much wear out of this Forever 21 blazer (previously worn here). I never get tired of animal print and the white jeans give it more of a summery feel. 

Blazer ~ Forever 21. Blouse ~ Urban Planet. 
Jeans ~ Urban Planet. Flats ~ Artizan.

Veronica convinced me to share some of the "silly" shots. Ha! :)