Outfit (Summer Farewell)

Hello dear readers! Looks like summer is officially over. The leaves in my front yard have begun to change color and the cold weather has arrived. I don't think Mum has realized it though, or she's immune to the cold because she still hasn't put the heat on in this old house. I'm freezing here! She must not have noticed me walking around the house with slippers on and all the layers of clothing I've been wearing. She must not have heard me complaining that I'm freezing either! Eff! I will have to start sneaking downstairs and turning the heat on when she's asleep. Ha! 

As a farewell to summer, I've decided to share a few outfits that never got published over the spring/summer season. 


Mum and I attended a wedding last month. Oh how I love weddings! The dress is Jessica Simpson which I found at Winners for quite a bargain! Thought I would try dark lipstick for a change. It was very different and extremely unlike me but, I really liked it. :)

I hope everyone enjoyed their summer. I sure did! But I must admit, Fall is my favorite season and I'm super excited to get started!! :)

Chantal xo