Casual Outfit Challenge (Denim + Brown + Tan)

Ok, so I'm really serious about this whole "saving money" thing and I've been trying really hard. Mum has not made things easy for me though. For the past 2 months she's been begging me to take her out shopping and I've somehow managed to say no every single time . . .until today. On our way home from an appointment, we stopped in at Reitmans (her favorite store). Their petite section is perfect for Mum, and although I have found a few great items there for myself in the past, it doesn't happen very often so I figured I was safe. I was wrong. Everything in the store was BOGO and I fell in love with soooooo many things. Especially their shoe collection! I just couldn't resist. 

Today's outfit is the second part to my fashion challenge: to style a casual denim shirt. Like I mentioned in the previous post, a denim or chambray shirt is perfect for layering.  

Coat ~ Forever 21. Sweater ~ Smart Set.
Denim Shirt ~ Forever 21. Jeans ~ Silver.
Boots ~ Naturalizer.

Wishing everyone a great weekend! :)

Chantal xo