Casual Outfit Challenge (Denim + Purple + Red)

As I've mentioned before, casual isn't a word I would use to describe my personal style. The few pieces of casual clothing that I own are mostly for days spent relaxing at home or days spent at the cottage, which means I don't get much wear out of them. So, this week, I've given myself a little fashion challenge: to style a casual denim shirt

I had no idea how versatile a denim shirt could be!! It's perfect for layering and can be worn with pretty much everything! Definitely a wardrobe staple. Also, I've always wanted to try the red & purple combo and this striped sweater was the perfect item to help me ease into the trend. 

Coat ~ Borrowed from Mum.
Striped Sweater ~ Winners. Denim Shirt ~ Forever 21
Silver Jeans ~ Bootlegger. Purple Booties ~ Avon

I hope everyone is having a great week so far.  

Chantal xo



  1. Great outfit as usual! Thanks for the inspiration. Consider yourself pinned :)

    1. Thanks for your comment and for the pin! Glad I was able to inspire! :)