Outfit (Ready For Spring)

The Spring magazine issues are being dropped off in my mail box, teasing me with all of the bright candy colors and soft pastels. Now, all I want is for the snow to melt away!!! Ugh! I'm so ready for Spring! The next few months are going to be very frustrating. 

Today's outfit isn't really practical if you live in the north, with the cold weather and snow and all, but I just couldn't resist. Just for today, let's pretend it's a nice Spring day with the sun shining bright and the flowers beginning to bloom and . . . while I'm dreaming, might as well add my prince charming in there, offering me a castle with a room full of fabulous shoes. :D 

Speaking of shoes, these cap toe beauties are a new addition to my shoe collection. I'm madly in love!! Unfortunately I have to wait until the snow melts before I can actually wear them out of the house, but aren't they just fabulous? Maybe my prince charming will come swoop me away. . .somewhere warm and tropical.  :) Ok, enough dreaming!  

Pink Blazer ~ Urban Planet. White Blouse ~ H&M.
Leopard Jeans ~ Winners. Silver Watch ~ Artizan
White Cap Toe Shoes ~ JC Penney (available here). 

Chantal xo