Other Side Of The Camera {Featuring Shenni}

Hello all! I was invited to do a guest blog post today and gladly accepted. Any opportunity to get all dressed up is an opportunity worth entertaining! My name is Shenni, and have been assisting my dear friend Chantal for the past year or so with her blog, acting as her on again, off again, photographer. Today we decided to put Chantal in the driver's seat while I stood in her place. 

I had a blast enhancing my features with black, browns, and golds, and to any of you who have already seen my last "Other Side of the Camera" shoot know how much I love animal print. This over the shoulder tunic paired with a tight black pencil skirt gave my body a feminine shape while highlighting some discreet sexiness by showing a little skin up top.

The newest addition to my wardrobe has to be the star of my shoot, my black, 2 look, Steve Madden handbag. I went crazy over the gold accents, and can instantly change up my look by merely turning my bag around. Speaking of versatility, jewellery can be a great joy to manipulate when forming an outfit. This gold bracelet is actually a necklace folded three times over.

Photos by Chantal

What I'm wearing :: Animal Print Tunic ~ Winners. Pencil Skirt ~ Eclipse. 
Shoes ~ Payless. Earrings ~ Le Chateau. Handbag ~ Steve Madden. 
Bracelet/Necklace ~ Family Heirloom.