Outfit (Blouses & Vests)

Ok, so this blog is supposed to be a personal style diary and I have yet to post any outfits. Who knew this shy and quiet girl who blushes so easily and so frequently, would be so insecure about posting pictures of herself on the internet. Hmmm... 

One of my favourite trends of the moment is the blouse. It is my new obsession and I can't seem to stop myself from purchasing one everywhere I go. Mum (my fav shopping companion) thinks I am crazy and doesn't understand why a girl would ever need 20 different blouses in her closet. "Oh but mum, this one is a different colour, and that one has big puffy sleeves, and that one is sheer, oh and this one ties at the neck, and that one has polka dots on it" I say to her with a big smile as she gives me that (you're crazy but ok I will go along with this) kind of look. 

Whether it's sheer, silky, flowy, fitted, ties at the neck or buttons up, they are all extremely easy to dress up or dress down. Either tucked into a skirt or high waist trousers, or paired with jeans and a vest, the blouse is a must have for fall. 

 Blouse ~ H&M
Vest ~ Maurices (sold here
Jeans ~ H&M
Boots ~ Jay Manuel (sold here)
Necklace ~ Forever 21, 
Ring ~ Mark by Avon

Blouse ~ Winners
Vest ~ Urban Planet (sold here)
Jeans ~ H&M
Boots ~ Jay Manuel (sold here)