Outfit (Boots With The Furrrrr)

Mum and I decorated the Christmas tree last night, meaning she did all of the hard work by dragging everything out from the attic while I did the fun stuff and hung the ornaments as she passed them to me. Every year around this time, she takes out all of those old pictures of my siblings and I sitting on Santa's lap. Of course, she wasn't satisfied with their original size and had them all blown up so that everyone could see how cute we were. Oh how I love Christmas.

Now on to the outfit. The other day, as I was taking out all of my fall and winter clothes, I realized that I own alot of black. Have any of you ever gone through an all black wearing phase? I certainly have! There are so many beautiful colours out there, so this season I have decided to add alot more colour to my wardrobe. Deep green is a colour I don't wear very often, and it's actually a great alternative to black. The military inspired jacket is a Christmas gift from last year. The green layered top and the white sweater are both from last year's winter season but the boots are a new addition, and let me tell you, it was love at first sight. 

Boots ~ JC Penny (sold here)
Jacket ~ American Eagle
Cropped Sweater ~ Ricki's
Top ~ Ricki's



  1. wow, the zebra purse sure complete's the outfit. It makes the whole oufit fun!