Outfit (Gold Sequins)

As I opened my eyes this morning, the first thing I thought of, as I do on all of my days off, was what to have for dinner. Yes, it's true, I do wake up thinking of food, and today it was my sister in law Tammy's delicious pasta sauce that popped into my head. Was it just a coincidence that she happened to call me today to invite me and mum over? It always tastes so much better when someone else makes it.

As I finally got out of bed and glanced out my bedroom window, all I saw was white snow everywhere! The first snowfall always looks so pretty, like a winter wonderland. When I have to start brushing the snow off my car, and start shoveling the driveway, I will probably regret ever saying it was pretty. My dog Spencer didn't seem too fond of it, as he slowly tip toed out unto the deck this morning.  It was quite funny actually, how a big black Labrador could be such a big baby sometimes.

On to the outfit. Sequins, metallics, and glitter are very big at the moment and I honestly couldn't be more thrilled. They seem to go hand in hand with the winter holidays. Sparkly tops, sparkly dresses, sparkly jackets, sparkly shoes, oh and sparkly nails of course. Also, I'm really loving all the gold accessories lately. Actually, it's all I seem to be buying these days. I'm obsessed!

Top ~ Eclipse
Pants ~ Winners
Bangles ~ Forever 21
Flower Ring ~ Forever 21
Ring ~ H&M
Clutch ~ A gift



  1. I like this essemble. It really goes well together!