Wants & Wishes (November)

November is here which means three things are approaching...cold weather, snow, and my BIRTHDAY! The cold weather and snow (although quite pretty at times) can wait a little while longer, but my birthday can't come soon enough. It's a perfectly good excuse to splurge and buy a new outfit, and it's an excuse I can actually get away with. Here are some of my wants and wishes for this month. Who knows, my family might actually read my blog and I might get a few exciting surprises! ;) 

1.Dress, 2.Necklace, 3.Bag, 4.Blazer,  5.Earrings, 6.Bracelet,
7.Jacket, 8.Ring9.Shoes, 10.Bag, 11.Shoes, 12.Necklace, 13.Bag