Outfit (Spring Florals)

Blazer ~ Maurices. Floral Top ~ Maurices (available here).
Jeans ~ H&M. Shoes ~ Suzy Shier (available here).

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I wore this outfit to my brother's this week for dinner and I don't think anyone has ever appreciated my clothes more than my little niece did that day. Two minutes after I took my shoes off and greeted my sister in law in the kitchen, my little niece slowly creeps up around the corner with my shoes on and a big smile on her face. She then told me that she has fancy shoes just like me and put them on for me to admire. Next thing you know she appears in front of me with a pretty dress on. Oh how I love these adorable little moments. Once she was done showing off her pretty little outfit and complimenting me on may hair and accessories, she brings a cosmetic case full of nail polish over to the kitchen table and asks me to do her nails. I love all of my nieces equally of course, but I must admit, she might be my favourite at the moment. Can you blame me? :)

As you might have noticed, I'm obsessed with the colour orange lately. I just can't get enough! Hopefully none of you are saying "Another orange outfit? Like seriously?" IT IS one of the top colour trends this season and clearly I'm super thrilled about it!! It's just so bright, and fun, and makes me feel so pretty and happy! Another trend that has caught my eye is mixed metals. Especially when it comes to accessories. I never used to think that mixing silver and gold looked very nice at all, but I've completely changed my mind. I would love your input on this. Mixing gold and silver...good or bad??