Outfit (Blessed Rain & Mixed Prints)

Hello my dear readers! I hope everyone had a good weekend. We've been getting a bit of rain lately and for once I'm not complaining. Actually, I am extremely thankful!! Everything has been much too dry, causing many forest fires in my area and all over Ontario, so this rain is desperately needed. Thank you rain! Normally when it rains, mum and I get cozy and stay inside watching movies all day, but I wasn't gonna let a bit of rain get me down today. So I grabbed an umbrella, put my rain boots on and headed outside!   

One of the major trends this summer is mixed prints and I've been toying with the idea in my head for months now. I finally decided to give it a try. Since this is something new for me, I decided to ease into it by adding just a bit of a mix. Stripes and dots seem to be a very popular pairing, and in an attempt to make this old striped dress a little more fun I paired it with polka dot rain boots. Hope you like it. Oh and just so you know, I love reading your comments, so comment away! :)