Outfit (Coloured Denim)

Yesterday was the first day of Lent. Normally I would give up chocolate and I'm not exaggerating when I say it's the longest 40 days of my life. It's definitely a challenge, but I've done it 3 years in a row so this year I've decided to try something new. It's not because I no longer have the will power to go 40 days without chocolate. Not at all! Honestly! Truly! Please believe me! :) This year rather than give something up, I've chosen to do something.  I've given it alot of thought and I really wanted to do something positive. Sometimes making a change can be just as challenging as giving something up. So for the next 39 days my goal is to do or say something nice to atleast one person every day. If only we were all nicer to eachother this world would be a better place.  

Another trend I'm currently loving is coloured denim. Whether it's super bright neons or super soft pastels, it's super fun! This is more of a winter colour but Spring will be here soon and I can't wait to add some fun colour to my wardrobe.

Blazer ~ Maurices (available here ). Blouse ~ H&M. 
Pants ~ Urban Planet. Shoes ~ Le Chateau (available here). 
Necklace ~ Smart Set.

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  1. I enjoy reading your blog. The only problem now is that I can't seem to go one day without checking all sites that I have got to love about clothes. Always wondering if I am going to miss out on great deal. Very addicting!I am having fun and learning a lot. Thanks for my new found passion.

  2. LOVVVEEE the color combo!!! Your rocking it!