OPI SKYFALL (Are You Seductive Or Dangerous. . .Or Both?)

Ok, so I realize it's been two weeks since my last post (oops) and I truly apologize for the lack of outfit pics. Everyone is probably wondering where I disappeared to and I wish I had a bunch of really great excuses, but the truth is I've been sulking and pouting and wallowing in loneliness. Being abandoned by Mum and having to be away from Brandon is definitely not a good mix! Ok, maybe I'm a bit of a suck and a tad bit of a drama queen. Ha! So I've spent the past two weeks eating way too much junk food while watching the entire first season of Hart Of Dixie (which is the greatest show ever) and shopping online in the hopes of bringing a smile to my face. Since my photographer (Mum) wasn't around, I even attempted to take my own pictures which ended up being a disaster and did nothing to improve my mood. Thankfully Mum is back, woohoo, and everything will be back to normal.
One thing that managed to (temporarily) brighten my mood last week is the new OPI SKYFALL collection. These colors are perfect for the fall/winter season and I'm really looking forward to owning a few of them! Are you seductive or dangerous. . .or both?

I'm super thrilled about this 18K gold top coat! How fun is that?? REAL 18K gold!! :)

As I was scrolling through the OPI website I also came across this super fun "Bond Manicure" how-to. A new way to wear nail polish! The Bond Girl way! I'm definitely going to give this one a try. :)