Step Inside My Bedroom / Dressing Room

At the beginning of the new year, I decided my room needed a makeover. I was living in clutter and as the saying goes: cluttered room, cluttered mind. My bedroom closet was packed with articles of clothing that I no longer wore (which I donated and/or handed down to family), I had several jewelry stands and boxes scattered throughout my room, and shoes scattered throughout the house. Due to lack of space, my fashion obsession not only took over my bedroom but the two spare bedroom closets as well. I desperately needed a plan and the search for the perfect organizing solution began. 

My bedroom is relatively small, but it's my favourite room in the house because it contains all the pretty little things that bring a smile to my face. The decor has been black and white for several years and I have no intention of changing it any time soon. It's one of my favourite combinations. It's so easy to work with. You can switch things up a little just by adding a bit of colour. Due to my recent obsession with gold, I added a few gold accents and updated my wall art to make the room feel new again.  

I purchased these lamps at Walmart and added self adhesive jewels from Dollorama onto the lamp shades to match my decorative pillow and curtain valance. 

The major challenge was my shoe collection. Changing the dimensions of my room or adding a walk in closet was not an option so I had to work with what I had, which was an empty wall opposite of my bed. I also didn't want anything permanent (I plan on getting married and leaving the nest...someday) so storage I could take with me was a must. After months of research, I settled on ClosetMaid. I combined and stacked the Closetmaid Cube Organizers in various sizes for my shoes and purchased the Closetmaid drawer unit for my jewelry and storage bins.  These cube organizers are great. I currently have one pair of shoes per cube but depending on the shoe, I can easily fit two pair.  

I updated this collage frame by adding a gold trim around each photo. I used metallic gold markers which I purchased at Dollorama. 
That handsome fellow on the left is my father at the age of sixteen. :)

My sparkly shoe fund doubles as a bookend. 

The custom jewelry trays were a very tedious and lengthy DIY project but definitely worth the effort. I used foam board, hot glue, shelf liners from Dollorama to line the bottom of the drawers and gold glitter tape from Michaels. This project required hours of measuring and cutting. The foam board dividers come right out if ever I want to change the drawer liner. 

I received this watch case from my brother as a Christmas gift last year. It's perfection! I haven't thanked him enough! I no longer have to worry about my watches getting scratched or dusty and they look so much better neatly displayed in a case.

I love having all of my statement necklaces on display next to my clothes. It's much more accessible and makes accessorizing super easy. I used Command Adhesive Hooks to hang the necklaces. I definitely recommend these hooks! 

That concludes my bedroom/ dressing room tour. 

Thank you so much for reading!