The Muppets!

As I mentionned before, I am obsessed with nail polish and right now there is a new OPI collection that puts a smile to my face and makes me jump up and down with excitement, litterally...not joking.  The Muppets are back! Just look at these fun little bunches of joy! Oh and the names make it even better! Rainbow Connection, Divine Swine, Warm & Fozzie, Wocka Wocka, Gone Gonzo.


My bestest friend Angel (who truly is an angel) surprised me yesterday with the oh so pretty and sparkly pink shade called Excuse Moi! I was so excited that I rushed home from work, said a quick hello to mum, immediately grabbed my nail polish remover and stripped away the leopard nail art I worked so hard applying just a few days before, so I could test out the new shade! These will be perfect for the Holidays. Especially the sparkly red shade called Gettin' Miss Piggy with It! I'm anxious to add many of these to my collection, and by many I mean all! :)