Outfit (Burgundy & Mustard)

Fall is my favourite season when it comes to fashion and I tend to shop alot more than usual if that's even possible. With Christmas just around the corner I really should be a little more wise with my money, and in an attemp to do so, I have purchased a little piggy bank, or in this case a shoe bank. Ok I know what you're thinking. I just finished stating that I need to save money and here I am wasting my money on a silly shoe. It truly does bring a smile to my face everytime I glance at it though, and who knows, it might actually help me save.

Now as I was saying, fall is my favourite season and I believe it's the colours that make me fall in love over and over again. One colour in particular keeps popping up everywhere I go. The colour Mustard. Normally I wouldn't even dare, but this year I have decided to step out of my comfort zone and give it a try. I fell in love with this dress from Forever 21 the second I saw it.

Dress ~ Forever 21
Sweater - H&M
Belt ~ H&M
Shoes ~ Mark by Avon (sold here)