Yurman Inspired

I had such a great weekend, I really didn't want Monday to come! You know when you've had so much fun you keep replaying everything in your mind with a big smile on your face? That's what I've been doing all day! Mum and I spent the weekend in Wawa with my sister and her family, and there wasn't a single dull moment. Family is my therapy! Whenever I'm feeling stressed, or sad, or lonely, they are always there to lift my spirits! Saturday, my nephew Jimmy was getting pictures taken for Dance, so Mum and I tagged along and spent most of the afternoon going nuts over all the super cute little dance outfits. ADORABLE! My sister lives about 15 minutes outside of town, and because I'm a princess and it takes me forever to get ready, I didn't have time to eat lunch before leaving the house. So I decided to eat the delicious sandwich that my sister made for me in the car along the way. Ok so I'm not a super huge fan of crust so I ended up having a napkin full. My sister tells me to roll down my window and throw my crust out. Thinking it's a good idea, I do as she says, but somehow all of the crust comes flying back into the car. So ya...not such a good idea! Once we all stopped laughing, my little nephew says "ummm ya, a piece of crust hit me in the face". He didn't seem to think it was very funny, but I laughed so much I almost peed a little. Sunday night we attended the annual Spring Fling to watch some local talent including my sister who played the piano, and my nephew Billy who played the guitar. Great show!
Ok, onto some fashion talk! As I mentioned in my last post, mixing silver and gold is a trend that I'm super thrilled about. At work a few weeks ago, we received an Artizan order that contained Yurman inspired jewelry pieces. The collection mixes silver and gold together and is absolutely gorgeous! Unfortunately the collection isn't available on the Artizan website so I made a collage of David Yurman pieces that are very similar, just to give you an idea of what the Artizan Collection looks like. 

Pictures from www.davidyurman.com

Hopefully it will be available on the Artizan website soon! I really wanted to add a few items to my wardrobe but I waited too long and it all disappeared. I managed to grab a gorgeous ring but gave it to my sister this weekend as a birthday gift. All weekend long I was jokingly asking for the ring back. Well, she thinks I was joking...but I was dead serious! :)