Outfit (Stripes! J. Crew Style)

Lately, in an attempt to expand my mind and spirituality, I've been reading a couple of gratitude and appreciation themed books. The other day, while sitting on my bed and staring at my closet, I realized that I have so much clothes I've actually lost track of what I own. This is what happens when you're a shopaholic. So, I went through my closet and found appreciation for a whole bunch of stuff that I had completely forgotten about. Since then, I've been having fun mixing the old with the new and I've also saved some money! :)  

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has noticed that stripes are everywhere this season. It's a huge trend this summer and although I've always been a huge fan of stripes, recently, while flipping through the J.Crew magazine for the month of May, I fell in love with stripes in a whole new way.


I found the above photo over at jcrew.com, so if you're not a J. Crew magazine subscriber, just head on over to the website and check out the Summer Style How-To for some great tips and inspiration. It's a super fun and fresh take on a classic trend. Here's my own J.Crew inspired striped outfit! Hope you like it!



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