Outfit (Black & White)

Last Sunday, Mum and I, along with my sister, my brother in law, my niece and three of my nephews, attended a Cirque Du Soleil show called Quidam. The show was amazing! If you've never gone to a Cirque Du Soleil, I totally recommend that you do! I've been lucky enough to see two shows and I cannot wait for the next one! This is the outfit I wore that night. The oldest of my nephews commented on my skirt saying that part of it was "missing". There are times when my family thinks my sense of style is a little "different". I say different because that's the word they use but what they really want to say is crazy, or weird. Ha! My niece on the other hand kept telling me how much she loved my skirt. I love her! The gold necklace I'm wearing is actually the handle of a handbag. I got this super great creative idea from Daniela over at Nany's Klozet. Thank you Daniela! :) 

Blouse ~ Suzy Shier. Skirt ~ Smart Set. Shoes ~ Spring Shoes.



  1. We saw Quidam last winter in Toronto and it was breathtaking!!! You looked lovely and your outfit was perfect for the occasion :D