Outfit (Black + Gold)

I woke up yesterday morning wishing I could spend the whole day outdoors enjoying the sun instead of going into work...but as it turns out, I had a really exciting day. We recieved an Artizan order for the giftshop and although unpacking boxes is not part of my job, I definitely always help out on this one. Not only because it's fun and exciting and brings a smile to my face every time I pull something out of the box, I also get first pick!! :) The Artizan collections are always so beautiful . If you havn't already heard of it, I highly recommend checking out the website! This gorgeous watch is one of the many items I fell in love with.

The black and gold trend has been very popular on the red carpet these past couple of months and I'm absolutely loving it!

Here is my black + gold inspired look. I had been searching for the perfect quilted bag and I instantly fell in love with this one. I love the chunky gold accents!

Blouse ~ Suzy Shier. High Low Skirt ~ Smart Set. Shoes ~ Avon.
Bag ~ Pottery Lane (available here). Necklace ~ Artizan.  

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  1. wow! Love this pic Minnie. Love the lighting and shade. Your hair and face complexion is perfect. Good job Girls.

  2. Hmmm who is this anonymous person who knows me by my nickname? :) Thank you so much for your comments! :)