Outfit (Where is Spring???)

We are now in March and just as I was beginning to think spring is finally around the corner, we get a huge snow storm and super cold weather. UGH! So now I'm forced to wear all of those warm winter layers and I'm not at all thrilled...not one bit. Spring is in all of the magazines and my favourite stores. All of my favourite bloggers are already wearing super cute spring outfits but I'm still surrounded by snow and it's truly depressing. I decided to make the best of it and took a few shots of this flared coat that I've only worn once or twice this winter. The coat is from H&M and it was definitely love at first site. I still remember how pretty and elegant I felt when I first tried it on in the store. Wearing it today has definitely brightened my day, and my mood. This is what I love about fashion. It's as simple as wearing something wonderful to instantly make you FEEL wonderful! Since the polka dot trend is super hot right now, I wore a sheer polka dot blouse for something new and fresh.    

Coat ~ H&M. Polka Dot Blouse ~ Urban Planet.  
Pants ~ Suzy Shier. Gloves ~ Sears. Bag ~ Forever 21

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