Outfit (Snow Snow Go Away)

Every morning I wake up hoping the snow magically disappeared over night and then I look out the window and realize, not only is it still there, but I swear, there appears to be more of it! WHY? I decided to wear this floral dress today (previously worn here), hoping it would help satisfy my longing for spring, which wasn't as effective as I'd hoped. I paired it with a yellow belt and this yellow scarf, which I absolutely adore, and judging by all of the compliments I receive every time I wear it, I would say other people adore it as well! I also got some more wear out of this flared coat, which as you might have noticed by the previous post, has a removable fur collar.


Coat ~ H&M. Dress~ Forever 21. Scarf ~ Artizan.
Belt ~ H&M. Gloves ~ Sears

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