Outfit (Weekend Casual)

Monday is here. . . Ugh! WHY?? I was having such a relaxing time, filled with laughter, and hugs, and good food and...really good wine! :) Why did it have to end?? To make matters worse, Mum decided to stay and visit with my sister for the rest of the week while I'm over here, alone, missing out on all the fun. I'm super jealous! Life just ain't fair!

Here are a few pictures from the weekend. The weather was absolutely gorgeous so we spent quite a bit of time outdoors. I knew this was going to be a very chill weekend (which is exactly what I needed after my recent trip with Mum) so I made sure to pack comfortable outfits. This is probably as casual and comfy as it gets for me. Ha! :) 

We also took the opportunity to take some nice family photos. :)
Mum, my nephew Jimmy & my sister Jojo

This poncho is a recent purchase from Artizan. It is extremely comfortable. . . yet stylish. Perfect for the fall season and perfect for someone like me!

Chantal xo




  1. Such a cute jacket and your family is so cute! I'm sure this week will fly by, at least I hope it will :)



    Southern (California) Belle