Outfit (Thanksgiving & Autumn Spots)

It's Friday, which means Thanksgiving weekend is finally here!!! Tomorrow morning Mum and I will be driving to Oakville to spend the long weekend with family. I've been counting down the days for months, getting more and more excited every day! But as I sit here thinking of the 8 hour long car ride that awaits me. . . I'm no longer feeling so excited. Ugh!Why my sister decided to move so far away, I will never quite understand. But being able to shop til' I drop spend time with my lovely sister is always well worth it of course. Ha!

Thanksgiving only means one thing to me. . . FOOD! Ok, I know it's supposed to be about giving thanks. . . and I will definitely be thankful this weekend. . .for all of the yummy food! :)
I hope everyone has a good weekend. To all of my Canadian readers, Happy Thanksgiving!!  

Chantal xo