Outfit (It's a Wrap)

Last week Jojo (my sister), Mum, and I, went to a nearby city for the day to do some shopping and attend a music competition. We got all dressed up, drove 3 hours, and shopped 'til we dropped! There were a few great finds and also a few disappointments. A few weeks back, Mum and I were at Suzy Shier and I fell in love with a gorgeous long sleeve coral lace dress. Unfortunately they didn't have my size. L and XL was all that was left. It was truly depressing. I loved the dress so much I actually wished I was one size bigger just so I could wear it! So, while on this little shopping excursion with Jojo and Mum, we stopped in at a Suzy Shier and I was so excited when I spotted the dress. Unfortunately all they had was S and L. Once again I was out of luck. I was just so annoyed happy when my sister grabbed the S size and looked absolutely fabulous. Ugh! Life is so unfair. I told her not to speak to me for the rest of the day. I was joking of course! :) I really enjoyed my day though. After dinner we attended the music competition to support my nephew who played an amazing guitar solo, which he composed himself. He is so talented!  We didn't get home til 1:30 in the AM and we were all very tired but my nephew's group won the competition so it was well worth it! 

The dress I'm wearing here is a wrap dress from Suzy Shier. I fell in love with it as soon as I tried it on. You all know I'm a huge fan of orange at the moment, so I couldn't resist. It makes me feel so pretty and feminine. I'm loving the side slit!

The wonderful pair of white shoes is the "great find" I mentioned earlier. They are exactly what was missing in my summer wardrobe and surprisingly very comfortable! I'm super pleased with them.
Dress ~ Suzy Shier (available here).
Shoes ~ Spring Shoes (available here).



  1. Stunning dress!! Looks amazing on you and I love the colours :)

    -Sydney xo