Outfit (Soft Florals & More Ice Cream)

Dress ~ Suzy Shier (available here). Shoes ~ Spring Shoes.  

This past Sunday, the weather was absolutely gorgeous so Mum and I decided to take my niece Delanee to Bellevue Park to feed the ducks! This is one of my favourite things to do during the summer. It always brings a smile to my face! It also gave us a chance to take some fun pictures. Delanee loves picture time, as long as you let her see the picture after every shot. Ha! She's so cute, and soooo funny!

Baby geese

After we were done feeding the ducks we got some ice cream and found ourselves a bench near the garden area . As you can see, Delanee was making all kinds of funny faces. I feel as though I ate ice cream every day last week. Ha! Yum!



  1. Such a pretty dress! Love the colours and print! It looks very nice on you!

    <3 Jenny