Outfit (Summer Sequins)

Hello dear readers! I hope everyone had a good weekend. Mum and I had a great time at the cottage. I got all of that peaceful rest I was hoping for, and yes, I definitely ate way too much! Sunday morning I woke up to the smell of a delicious breakfast that my wonderful sister made. Crepes, topped with fruit, and whipped cream and syrup. My absolute favourite! I only ate six! Ha! Oh and bacon of course! Crepes and camping just go hand in hand in my family. :)

Now on to some fashion talk. Sequins are huge this Spring\Summer season and I'm super excited of course! I used to think that sequins were only for the holiday season, but not anymore! I'm sure that by now, everyone knows that my personal style is definitely not casual. Ha! But at times, especially when it comes to summer shorts, comfy and casual is necessary. So this sequin tank is exactly what I needed to dress up these casual army green shorts. I plan on wearing sequins a lot this summer!

Blazer ~ Maurices. Sequin Tank ~ Forever 21. Shorts ~ Rickis.
Leopard Bag ~ Forever 21. Sandals ~ Spring Shoes.